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Japan Society of Adolescentology has its roots in Adolescent Medical Symposium held annually from 1963 till 1981. The medical symposium changed its name to Adolescent Medical Research Meeting in 1971 to become the Japanese branch of International Federation Of Infant and Juvenile Gynecology.
As behavioral problems in adolescents such as violence, delinquency and increasing abortion were in the news in recent years, the general public became interested in medical issues in adolescents.
That triggered experts to voice opinions to establish a medical society for adolescence medicine. Adolescent Medical Research Meeting was to be absorbed into a newly established organization and therefore the founding board was established in November 1981. The new organization was named as Japan Society of Alolescentology as the solutions to the adolescent problems require collaboration among multi discipline experts in addition to medical or public health experts.
Japan Society of Adolescentology was established in April 1982. The first and inaugural society meeting was held in April 1982 organized by professor Ichiro Mori of Kagoshima University as its chairman. Subsequently the meetings of the society were held in various cities throughout Japan including Tokyo, Shizuoka, Yamagata, Kyoto, Ibaraki and etc.
Our goal is to protect the health of adolescents and to promote their healthy development resulting in contributing to the welfare of mankind by promoting adolescence research, proliferating knowledge about adolescence and developing the related activities. Our members include gynecologists, pediatricians, urologists, psychiatrists, other medical doctors, public health nurses, midwives, nurses, faculties of universities and junior colleges, vocational school teachers, senior and junior high school teachers, elementary school teachers, psychologist, social welfare workers and others. We have twelve professional categories of membership.

・Numbers of members: 1,959 (As of March 31, 2022)

・Numbers of members in professional categories:
  Gynecologists 455
  Midwives 393
  Pediatricians 65
  Nurses 144
  Urologists 25
  Faculty members of universities, junior colleges and vocational schools 361
  Psychiatrist 32
  Teachers of high schools and elementary schools 37
  Doctors in public health domain 57
  YOGO teachers(School nurses) 76
  Public health nurses 66
  Psychologists, social welfare workers and others 139
  Organizations 109

Japan Society of Adolescentology
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